How to Pack and Clean Your Bedroom When Moving

The bedroom is often the most challenging room to clean and pack when you’re moving. The reason is that people tend to use the bedroom to store all the things that might not have a permanent spot elsewhere in the home. For example, the bedroom closet might be home to all sorts of things, from a shoebox of old love letters to a wedding dress that hasn’t been worn in several decades.

Here’s a guide to packing and cleaning your bedroom that will make everything easier when you’re moving.

Pack the Little Things First

Gather up an assortment of small boxes to pack the smallest items in your bedroom first. This includes things like rubber bands, pens and pencils, extra shoelaces, drink coasters, doilies and that jar of old coins on your dresser.

Be sure to pack this box securely, because you don’t want the tiny items to slip out through the cracks of the box.

Sort Through Your Closet

Sort through your closet and get rid of any clothing or accessories that you no longer want or that don’t fit you any longer. Don’t forget to include your shoes in this stage of the project.

Put the items in a box for donation if they still have some use left in them. Otherwise, they go in the waste bin.

Do Your Laundry

You never want to pack dirty clothes. First, it’s an unpleasant surprise on the other end to unpack dirty laundry. But most importantly, dirty clothes with stains may never come clean if they go too long without washing. So do your laundry, and that way you’ll be able to see clearly everything that has to be packed up.

Pack Your Personal Essentials

Go through and pack a small case will all the personal items you’ll need to get by until you can unpack everything on the other end. This includes things like deodorant, shaving kit, etc. Packing this bag first ensures that nothing essential gets tossed into a big box where you can’t locate it when you need to.

Pack Glassware and Fragile Items

Next, pack up your nightstand lamps and any other glassware or fragile items. A separate box or boxes can be used to pack up any electronics you have in the bedroom carefully.

If you have the original boxes with the molded inserts, even better.

Pack Area Rugs

Roll up and area rugs you have and secure them into a roll with a piece of sturdy rope or twine. Roll them inward, so the soft fibers don’t get sullied during the move.

Pack Bedding

Sheets, blankets, and pillows can all be packed into a large box because they won’t be too heavy for one person to lift. Be sure to mark this box clearly because it will be one of the first ones you want to unpack.

Undo the Bedframe

Disassemble the bed frame carefully and bring the pieces into another room so your bedroom is clear of everything and you can clean thoroughly.

Rent a Steam Cleaner

If you have a carpeted bedroom, rent a steam cleaner to clean the carpets. This will ensure that you get up any stains that might be on the carpet. For hardwood floors, wash according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Now that you have an orderly list of how to clean and pack up your bedroom, you’ll be ready to move into your new bedroom!

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