Moving with Kids Tips All Parents Need to Know About

So, it’s time to move. If you’ve ever done it before, you know what a hassle it is. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. It can be fun, and it’s definitely a chore. But, have you ever moved with children? That’s a whole other beast. Here are some great tips to get you through a moving in Brooklyn, NY or wherever you’re headed, if you have little ones on board:

Talk to them about what’s about to happen

It might the first time that they have moved. Let them know exactly what is about to happen before it happens. They can help you pack, and you can talk about their new home and neighborhood. And, if they will be with you during the move, let them know what they will be doing. If not, tell them what your plans are so that they can get excited about an adventure.

It’s a great time for them to visit grandparents

If you have young children, you already know how much attention they need. And, quite honestly, as much as you love them, they will get in the way. You will get the job done much quicker and safer if the kids aren’t there. You could arrange for a little getaway with the grandparents, and they could bring your children to your new home after you get everything inside.


Block off a room

If you need to keep them with you, think about blocking off a room or some space where they can be safe, with adult supervision, of course. Have plenty of games, electronics, and toys to keep them busy. Then, that could be the last area of the house to be moved.

Get a sitter

You could either hire someone to sit with them in a room that you have ready or take them to a sitter’s house while you are completing the move. They will be a lot happier and safer if they aren’t underfoot when all of the activity is going on.

One of you could move the children first

If it’s feasible, one of could pack for a couple of days and take them to a hotel and wait out the move. If the kids have all of their toys, electronics, and a pool, they’ll be just fine.


If your children are older, keep them occupied

It will be more emotionally traumatizing for older children and teenagers to move away from their home and friends. It’s a good idea to follow their lead on this one. If they want to help with the move, so be it. If not, maybe their friends can come over and hang out so that they can spend some time together.

Perhaps, their friends even want to help out. Even though they know that they’ll be able to stay in touch with each other, it will still be difficult to say goodbye.

Be the cheerleader

They will be watching your every reaction throughout your moving experience. Starting with when you tell them about it, it’s important to keep an upbeat, positive attitude. Of course, you’ll be feeling stress. Just, don’t let them know about it.

Keep the energy going, keep them engaged, and always be there to reassure them that everything is going to be all right.

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