Your Guide to the Top Five Coolest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

New York is a truly mesmerizing city. Brooklyn, New York has recently become the city’s fastest-growing borough and one of the hippest places to live in 2019. Brooklyn has led the city in population growth for the past five years, some of the hottest neighborhoods to live are located in Brooklyn.

The following are the top five coolest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York.

1. Park Slope

The historic Park Slope area of Brooklyn is an LGBTQ and family community where neighbors get to know one another. Don’t be fooled by the neighborhood’s appeal to families – single folks can find plenty to enjoy in Park Slope, Brooklyn as well. For example, the D’Mai Urban Spa is a hot spot for all the single ladies.

Moreover, there are plenty of popular hipster attractions too, like Beacon’s Closet, where customers can buy, trade, donate, and sell gently used and bohemian clothing.


2. Brooklyn Heights

Featured in a multitude of movies, like Truman Capote’s “The Post,” Brooklyn Heights is equally as historic as every other neighborhood of the borough. Brooklyn Heights is a pedestrian and bike-friendly community of stylish doorman apartments and features its own strip of unique eateries and quaint shops.

With the Brooklyn Bridge close by, both tourists and locals frequent Brooklyn Heights, due in part to Grimaldi’s famous brick-oven pizza. A new addition, the Brooklyn Bridge Park, was opened in 2010, which spans over 1.3 miles of the Brooklyn waterfront.

3. Dumbo

No, Dumbo isn’t home to any animated circus elephants. Dumbo is, in fact, an acronym for Down Under the Manhatten Overpass. Although a few short years ago Dumbo was crime-ridden and barely inhabitable, the neighborhood has undergone a lot of change for the better.

Technology start-ups and fresh, exciting retailers have set up shop here to help create a better community. Even celebrity rapper, Jay-Z, has contributed to Dumbo’s revitalization. The location features a plethora of cafes and restaurants, where customers line up daily for sweets and coffees.

4. Fort Greene

Fort Greene is anchored to the Fort Greene Park and Brooklyn Academy of Music, but that isn’t all that makes Fort Greene a great place to visit and live. Actors, musicians, writers, and illustrators have given Fort Greene a certain bohemian vibe for years.

The neighborhood is home to a diverse selection of restaurants, including South African cuisine. Famous filmmaker, Spike Lee, hosts regular block parties in Fort Greene, his former neighborhood, to celebrate the birthdays of both Prince and Micheal Jackson, respectively.


5. Cobble Hill

Bordered by Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill is a haven for artistry and bars. Despite recent gentrification, Cobble Hill is a historically and culturally neighborhood, offering New York many of its Middle-Eastern restaurants, like the Damascus Bread and Pastry Shop and Sahadi’s.

There is even a French bistro, Bar Tabac, which draws in countless tourists and visitors annually.

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