Hello, my name is Veronique Krohn and I am excited to serve as the New York Agri-Women Social Media Intern. Currently, I am a sophomore at Morrisville State College majoring in Agricultural Business Development. After graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I plan to further my education by obtaining my Master’s Degree in Agricultural Education. It is my goal to pursue a fulfilling career in agriculture where I can teach others about how great this industry is and inspire others to contribute to the industry.

Veronique and calf at Morrisville State College!

I was born and raised on a small hobby farm in the Town of Florida, a rural township just outside the City of Amsterdam. I wasn’t submerged in agriculture from birth, but at a young age, I informed my mother that I wished to join our local 4-H club. My two older brothers agreed and my mother, who was under the impression that owning animals was a requirement of 4-H members, promptly took us to the store to purchase rabbits.

Soon after joining 4-H, we had our first real interactions with an assortment of livestock and realized that our affliction for owning animals was not fulfilled by just rabbits. As my mother likes to put it, we began our “menagerie” with just 4 goats from the Cobleskill Caprine Classic. Within two years our herd had grown to 21 goats, 3 donkeys, a few horses, a bunch of chickens and ducks. I took great pride in raising and showing my Toggenburg dairy goats. As I grew older my interests in raising animals and agriculture in general also grew and soon surpassed the interests of my brothers, one of whom asked my parents why he couldn’t have a new car or fancy expensive “wants” that other kids we went to high school had. My parents simply replied, “Because what we have is much greater than what those other kids have”. Even if what we had was a 4-H project gone crazy!

The memories, life experiences, and work ethic we gained from growing up in this lifestyle are truly irreplaceable and looking back I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any different, even if it meant sacrificing family vacations or always putting my animals first. Additionally, growing up active in the local farming community has showed me the importance of agriculture and knowing where food comes from.

Through my college career thus far I have, much to my surprise, been made aware of the fact that a seemingly large portion of the public is clueless or misinformed on where their food comes from and the importance of farmers and agriculture. Together, we, the consumer and producer can ensure that the agricultural industry and those within the industry reach their fullest potential.

Veronique Krohn, the 2014 NY Agri-Women Social Media Intern
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  • January 7, 2014 at 11:53 am

    So happy for you!

    • November 14, 2014 at 6:31 am

      Congrads on your achievements I hope to be at the annual conference- if possible I would like to talk to you about your endeavors with social media and agriculture. If we do not connect please e-mail me

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