My NYAW Annual President’s Report to AAW: Successful First Year & Bright Future Ahead

November 14th, 2011 @ 9:18 am by Cari Rincker

I was recently asked to submit a President’s Report for American Agri-Women Annual Meeting.  I thought I would share my report with the membership.

New York Agri-Women has had a successful first year. New York Agri-Women currently has 84 paid members and are in the process of seeking renewals from members. Elections took place in Fall 2010 establishing a leadership board, district leaders, and county leaders. Several of the county leaders have planned meetings at the local level grabbing media attention.

NYAW and AAW Members Getting a Tour of a Rooftop Garden in Brooklyn

New York Agri-Women maintains a website at www.newyorkagriwomen.com, paid by business sponsors, and a blog at www.newyorkagriwomen.com/blog. New York Agri-Women also aims to maintain a strong social media presence with a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/newyorkagriwomen) and Twitter account (http://twitter.com/NYAgriWomen). Cari Rincker maintains an email list for the paid members of New York Agri-Women, which was recently uploaded to Constant Contact. New York Agri-Women recently sent out its first eNewsletter to the membership. Both members and nonmembers are free to join the New York Agri-Women Google Email Group which provides updates on news and agriculture events in New York. The potential of the Google Group has yet to be fully optimized by the participants.

NYAW and AAW at the Red Hook Port Authority

NYAW and AAW Members at the Red Hook Port Authority

In February 2011, New York Agri-Women hosted its first Annual Meeting at Morrisville State College in Morrisville, New York. Approximately forty (40) women attended the event. Chris Wilson spoke to the attendees via Skype regarding the goals of American Agri-Women. We offered attendees both a business and law track in the afternoon. The next Annual Meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 3, 2012 in Riverhead, New York, approximately 90 minutes east of New York City, to help pull attendees from metro- New York City and the United Nations.

Participants at the First Annual Meeting

Great presentation about personality types at the First Annual Meeting

Ready for Dinner at the First Annual Meeting

Are you ready to be an advocate for agriculture in your community?

New York Agri-Women has developed a relationship with the Rural Women Empowerment and Life Improvement Association (“WELI”) from Japan. Member Erica Leubner will be representing New York Agri-Women this month at an agriculture conference in Tokyo, Japan speaking about her experience as a co-owner of Tim’s Pumpkin Patch in Marietta, NY and issues pertaining to U.S. women involved in the agriculture industry.

Syracuse Meet-Up

Goals for the 2011-2012 year include the following:

• Have a County Leader in every county in New York;

• Host quarterly county meetings;

• Host annual district meetings;

• Have active Consumer Education, Producer Education, Membership, Social/Networking,

Resources, Legislative, and Governance Committees;

• Establish an active Annual Meeting Planning Committee to help plan the function

throughout the year;

• Send out monthly eNewsletters to membership;

• Participate in politics at the state and local level;

• Have a regular blogging team;

• Reach out to more consumers in both rural and urban areas;

• Create a membership “Face Book” with photographs of members;

• Recruit more members to participate in American Agri-Women events; and,

• Have a smooth transition of leadership in spring 2012.


NYAW Seeking Interim Public Relations Officer

October 30th, 2011 @ 10:00 am by Cari Rincker

New York Agri-Women is seeking an interim public relations officer available now through the next Annual Meeting in March. This person will be eligible to run for another term beginning in March.  The PR Officer will be in charge of managing the organization’s press lists, draft press releases, and work with the Social Media Committee to advertise events via Facebook, Twitter, and this Blog.  This person will be on the leadership board helping manage the operations of the entire organization.

If you are interested, please email newyorkagriwomen@gmail.com along with a paragraph bio about yourself.

Looking For A NYAW Producer Education Committee Chair

September 21st, 2011 @ 9:54 am by Cari Rincker

New York Agri-Women is in need of a Chair (or Co-Chair) of the Producer Education Committee.  Immediately, the Chair(s) will lead the NYAW Producer Education Committee and help plan educational events for the Annual Meeting next spring.  Producer educational activities may range from business education to animal husbandry.

If you are interested, please email newyorkagriwomen@gmail.com.

Are You Interested In Helping NYAW Develop Resource Guides?

September 17th, 2011 @ 11:55 am by Cari Rincker

I’m looking for some volunteers to help the Producer Education Committee develop some resource guides such as “How To Market An Agri-Business,”  ”How To Be an Agvocate Using Social Media,” “How To Start A Garden in Your Backyard,” and “How To Develop a Business Plan.”

If you are interested, please email me at newyorkagriwomen@gmail.com.

Annual Meeting Planning Committee

March 2nd, 2011 @ 7:05 am by Cari Rincker

Last weekend the membership voted on a new committee to help plan next year’s annual meeting.  I know it’s a year away but it’s never to early to start thinking about next year!  If you are interested in joining this committee, please email me at newyorkagriwomen@gmail.com.

First Annual Meeting of New York Agri-Women

January 15th, 2011 @ 5:43 pm by Cari Rincker

I am extremely excited for the First Annual Meeting of New York Agri-Women scheduled for February 26, 2011 at Morrisville State College.  On Friday, February 25th there will be a Happy Hour/Dinner Meet-up at the White Eagle Conference Center‘s Tipee Room.

There is a jammed packed schedule for Saturday so make sure to come early.  Registration will take place from 8-9am on Morrisville State College.  The theme for this year’s meeting is “Our Vision, Our Future” – an appropriate them for a new agriculture organization.

Chris Wilson (@Women4Ag), the President of American Agri-Women (“AAW”), will be addressing the group via Skype.  She will be able to take questions from the audience about the mission of AAW.  There will subsequently be a business meeting for New York Agri-Women.  If you are interested in filling a vacant leadership position, please email me at newyorkagriwomen@gmail.com.  After the business meeting, Josh Nelson will speak on “Innovations in Composting and the Critical Role of Organics.”

I am particularly excited for the panel of female entrepreneurs involved in New York agriculture.  Among the panelists include Erica Leubner from Tim’s Pumpkin Patch, Rebecca Muir from Schoolhouse Farms, and Christine Rolando from Signet Appraisals.  The New York agriculture industry is full of smart, talented women with an entrepreneurial spirit.   Sheila Marshman, an agriculture instructor at Morrisville State College, will be the moderator for the panel.  Anna Myers from the New York Center for Agriculture Medicine and Health (“NYCAMH”) will then speak on farm safety issues.

During lunch, Jim Henion from Genex Cooperative, Inc. will speak on “Personality and Communications Styles for the Farm.” Subsequently, Judy Flint from New York FarmNet will discuss “Succession Planning for Farm Families.”  Succession planning is a strong passion of mine so I am particularly excited to hear Judy speak on the topic.

In the afternoon, there will be break-out sessions for a 1) Law Track and 2) Business Track.  For the Law Track, Charles Sullivan, Esq. from Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC will start the session discussing I9 Applications.  Then Lorraine Lewandrowski, Esq. (@NYFarmer) will give presentations on estate planning, property issues, and pre/post- judgment debt collection.  For the Business Track’s break0ut sessions, Dewey Hakes from New York FarmNet will speak on business plans.  He will be followed by Jan Bitter from Farm Credit discussing agriculture financing and Charles Sullivan, Esq. speaking about employee handbooks and business entities.

As you can see, there will be quite a diversity in topics for the day.  I hope that women of all ages and industries will find sessions applicable to their interests.  There will also be an opportunity later on in the day committee breakout sessions.  I am hopeful that this in-person opportunity will help spur on the activities of our committees.  The day will close with a dinner reception at the White Eagle Conference Center.  Anne Noble Sheppard will be the Keynote Speaker.

Please stay tuned for the online registration form.  Registration and Meal Ticket for Dinner can be ordered separately. We will also have t-shirts available for pre-order that say “New York Agri-Women.  Our Vision, Our Future.”  You can review the Press Release for the event here.  Driving directions to Morrisville State College can be found here.

As an aside, I want to thank the Leadership Board for doing such an amazing job putting this together.  There have been numerous conference calls and emails about this event trying to get the agenda put together.  I feel incredibly lucky to have such a phenomenal group of women helping me lead this organizations.


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